Nigeria Immigration Service Initiates Nationwide Manhunt for Foreign Nationals

“Nigeria Immigration Service Initiates Nationwide Manhunt for Foreign Nationals”


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has launched a comprehensive nationwide manhunt to identify and address the issue of foreign nationals residing within the country without possessing a valid residence permit.


In a recent press briefing held on Friday, the Controller of the Jigawa State Command of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Samson Umar Agada, revealed this crucial initiative. The announcement came following the parade of individuals suspected of involvement in human trafficking.


Controller Agada elaborated on the importance of the NIS mandate, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to ensuring that foreign nationals residing in Nigeria adhere to the nation’s rules and regulations, and that their travel documents are in full compliance with the law.


He stated, “Prior to my tenure, the aspect of inspecting companies for the presence of non-Nigerians was not actively pursued. However, since my appointment, we have established a dedicated team tasked with conducting inspections at companies to identify non-Nigerians who may be staying in the country in violation of the established regulations.”


The Nigeria Immigration Service’s efforts to address this issue are part of a broader strategy to enhance national security, immigration control, and ensure that every individual residing in the country is in compliance with the law. The NIS is resolved to meticulously examine the documents and permits of all foreign nationals within Nigeria, guaranteeing that their stay is lawful and conforms to Nigerian regulations.


This significant initiative aligns with the NIS’s mission to safeguard the integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria and to facilitate the movement of people and goods across the country’s borders while upholding the established legal framework.


The Nigeria Immigration Service calls for the support and cooperation of both citizens and foreign nationals in this endeavor to ensure that Nigeria remains a safe, secure, and lawful environment for all residents and visitors.


It is imperative that all foreign nationals in Nigeria take the necessary steps to obtain the required residence permits and abide by the nation’s laws, respecting the regulations that govern their stay. The NIS’s commitment to enforcing these regulations underscores the importance of immigration compliance for maintaining national security and harmony.


In summary, the Nigeria Immigration Service has initiated a nationwide manhunt to address the issue of foreign nationals residing without valid residence permits. This endeavor reflects the NIS’s dedication to upholding Nigerian regulations and enhancing national security through rigorous immigration control and compliance monitoring. All individuals residing in Nigeria are encouraged to comply with the law by ensuring their documents and permits are in order.

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