Lagos State’s Rural Electrification Initiative: Two 500 KVA Transformers Light Up Ikorodu Communities

“Lagos State’s Rural Electrification Initiative: Two 500 KVA Transformers Light Up Ikorodu Communities”


In a significant step towards improving the lives of rural residents, the Lagos State Office of Rural Development, under the Ministry of Local Government, Chieftaincy Affairs, and Rural Development, has introduced two 500 KVA transformers. These transformers will provide much-needed electricity to the homes of residents in Yologbo Estate in Igbe and Alagbe Communities, both located in Ikorodu.


The installation of these transformers has brought relief to the residents of these rural communities, ensuring a brighter future and improved quality of life. Dr. Nurudeen Yekinni Agbaje, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Rural Development, expressed the significance of this development. He emphasized that the transformers are expected to serve over 400 households, aligning with Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu’s vision of transforming rural areas into semi-urban communities. This vision is in line with the broader goal of positioning Lagos State as a 21st Century Economy.


Dr. Agbaje underlined Governor Sanwo-Olu’s unwavering commitment to rural development, including rural electrification, the provision of clean water, and road infrastructure in these communities. He encouraged the residents to take ownership of these facilities and protect them against vandalism or damage. The transformers are intended to facilitate development and progress within these communities, and residents are pivotal in ensuring that this vision is realized.


The Baale of Igbe Land, Chief Samson Saliu Odubote Odujare, expressed his gratitude to Governor Sanwo-Olu for including the Igbe Community in the rural electrification agenda. He vowed to make every effort to ensure the proper safeguarding of the new facility for the benefit of the community’s residents.


Additionally, Mr. Kolawole Wasiu, the Chairman of the Upright Community Development Association (CDA) in Agbede, Ikorodu North LCDA, conveyed his appreciation to Governor Sanwo-Olu for this generous gesture. He noted that this initiative marks the first time in over four months that these communities have enjoyed a supply of electricity. In response, he assured that the communities would be vigilant in protecting the transformer and ensure it benefits everyone within the community.


This initiative exemplifies the Lagos State Government’s dedication to improving rural development and enhancing the lives of its residents. By extending electricity to these communities, the government is taking significant steps to bridge the urban-rural development gap, ultimately improving the overall quality of life for its citizens.

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