Police PRO Denounces Extortion, Labels Offenders as Armed Robbers

“Police PRO Denounces Extortion, Labels Offenders as Armed Robbers”


The Nigeria Police spokesperson, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has issued a stern warning against any police officer or security operative who engages in the forceful extortion of innocent Nigerian citizens. According to Adejobi, such individuals are no different from armed robbers.


Adejobi made this declaration in response to an incident where police officers had forcefully detained a group of men without valid reasons, subsequently extorting money from them. The victims had been accused of various offenses, including cybercrime, despite their denials and the absence of legal representation during questioning.


In a plea to the Force PRO (Police Public Relations Officer), a concerned citizen expressed the need for action against such unjust practices by some members of the police force. This individual highlighted the importance of addressing these ongoing issues to ensure that the police truly stand as friends to the Nigerian people.


In his response, Adejobi emphasized that any armed policeman or security operative who resorts to forcefully extorting money from innocent Nigerians is equivalent to an armed robber. He underscored that extortion is not part of any agency’s official mandate, whether they are armed or not.


This stance against extortion has the support of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) who has made it clear that such actions are not tolerated within the Nigeria Police Force.


In conclusion, the Police PRO’s statement serves as a warning to security operatives engaging in the unlawful extortion of innocent Nigerians. It reinforces that extortion is unacceptable and that those who engage in such practices will be regarded as armed robbers. The message conveys the commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to uphold justice and protect the rights of its citizens.

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