I want to change the youths’ Narrative of education— ACA-ATHON record breaker Reken Renos

Reken Renos Maikama, who recently attempted and broke the Guiness record of the longest mathematics lecture has revealed that he desires to change the narrative of education by the youths in Taraba and beyond.
Renos made this known in a “breakfast session” show on Frontline TV, where he said that the youths see education as a waste of time and resources but it has times without number yielded good fruits and benefits as seen in the works of science and technology today.
“It saddens me each time I hear youths say “school na scam”. This isn't supposed to be so. Look at what education has done for us, look at the things education has produced for our comfort. That is why the white people are always ahead of us”
Speaking on his experience prior to the ACA-ATHON exercise, Reken noted that he never thought the exercise would be challenging until he was given the guidelines by Guiness Word Record after his application was approved. 
“When I discovered to go into this will be tough, I applied for two plaits of land from someone and I farmed for this purpose, I realized something from the farm and I sponsored this exercise myself. Even when others were suggesting I write to ministries and go to some personnel, I said no, I will hustle and sponsor this myself, perhaps if one sees my effort and appreciate me then that's fine.
Reken Renos Maikama, a Taraba son from Karim Lamido who resides in Jalingo, has broken the Guiness Word Record of the longest mathematics lecture hitting 21 hours, This record was previously held by Suresh Babu Sukumara Pillai from Varkala (Kerala) India on 14th September 2018, who conducted the class for 12 hours.
Reken's record is however awaiting an official certification from Guiness Word Record to confirm and validate it as the current champion of such exercise.

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