Reps Panel Aims to Ensure Equitable Government Employment Nationwide

“Reps Panel Aims to Ensure Equitable Government Employment Nationwide”


The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Federal Character, Idris Wase, has reiterated the committee’s commitment to promoting national unity and equitable distribution of employment in government agencies across the country.


During the inaugural meeting of the committee in Abuja, Wase highlighted their dedication to upholding the principles of federal character and ensuring that government agencies’ compositions reflect the nation’s diverse demographics. He emphasized that their oversight duties would be carried out diligently to facilitate equitable employment distribution.


Wase expressed confidence in the committee’s readiness to fulfill its core mandate, stating, “We have the legislative backing required to carry out our responsibilities effectively.”


In addition, he announced that the Federal Character Commission would present its report to the committee on Tuesday, providing insights into the commission’s adherence to principles of equitable employment distribution.


The chairman reminded the committee members of the constitutional provisions that guide their mission. He quoted Section 14(3) of the Constitution, which stipulates that the composition of the government of the Federation and its agencies should reflect the federal character of Nigeria, promote national unity, and prevent the predominance of individuals from specific states or ethnic groups.


Wase stated, “This is our committee’s primary focus, and our role extends beyond the national level. We must start working on this immediately. We expect to have a meeting with the Federal Character Commission next week Tuesday.”


He also highlighted the Commission’s presence in every state of Nigeria, responsible for monitoring compliance with these principles. The chairman expressed concern that not enough has been done to fulfill these obligations, as mandated in Section 14(4) of the Constitution.


In continuation, he described the responsibilities of the Federal Character Commission and their role in the oversight process, explaining, “The Federal Character Commission comprises a chairman and one representative from each state of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. These appointments are made by the President, subject to Senate confirmation.”


Wase called upon his colleagues to remain committed to their duties and assured them that they possess the knowledge and capability to effectively uphold the constitutional requirements. He concluded by emphasizing the urgency of their mission, stating, “There is no time for complacency; we must remain vigilant and proactive.”


In summary, the House of Representatives Committee on Federal Character, led by Chairman Idris Wase, is determined to ensure that government employment practices adhere to the principles of federal character as stipulated in the Constitution. Their commitment to promoting national unity and preventing the dominance of specific regions or ethnic groups underscores their dedication to this vital cause. The committee’s upcoming meeting with the Federal Character Commission will provide further insights into compliance with these principles, and their oversight activities will play a crucial role in enforcing equitable employment distribution nationwide.

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