Lagos Tanker Explosion: 11 Vehicles Destroyed in Fire Incident

“Lagos Tanker Explosion: 11 Vehicles Destroyed in Fire Incident”

In a recent incident in Lagos, two tankers carrying petroleum products caused a massive explosion in the Sari Iganmu area. This resulted in a destructive fire that consumed a total of 11 vehicles. The blaze instilled fear among residents of Moshood Abiola Way, opposite Fashola estate, and Ijora, raising concerns about the potential escalation due to the spillage of the combustible content.


Fortunately, the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service reported no casualties, dispelling rumors of fatalities. However, conflicting accounts emerged regarding the incident’s cause. One version suggested that a truck was parked without proper caution, and another truck’s collision ignited the fire. In contrast, a different account stated that a truck carrying a flammable substance collided with another loaded with detergent and sardines.


The Director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, Adeseye Margret, disclosed that a total of eleven vehicles were destroyed in the incident. These included two tankers, one tipper truck, three trailers, three cars, and two micro-mini buses (korope). The fire has been brought under control, but pockets of fire continue to be dampened to facilitate an investigation into the incident’s cause.


Margret explained that the initial investigation indicated that a fully loaded 45,000-liter tanker experienced a mechanical fault while ascending the quadrapont bridge. This led to a roll-back, causing a collision with another tanker and a faulty containerized trailer, resulting in the immediate explosion and fire. Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries.


The South West Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, mentioned that the inferno also destroyed 12 high-tension poles. He urged residents in the affected areas to avoid using naked flames and cautioned against using streams and river tributaries for washing or bathing due to the risk of fire from spilled products.


However, hours later, Farinloye confirmed that the environment was safe, allowing residents to resume their daily activities. A delegation from the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, visited the scene to assess the extent of the disaster. Director Adeseye Margret led them on a tour of the site. The ongoing evacuation operation is expected to lead to the reopening of Moshood Abiola Way, connecting the dual-quadrapont bridge in Iganmu, Lagos, in the near future.

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