Nigerian Kidnappers Releases Tanzanian Priest

Nigerians kidnapers have released a Tanzanian Priest Melkiori Dominick Mahinini, 27, whom they abducted 21 days ago demanding $70,000 (Sh170 million) in ransom.

Tanzania’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr Benson Bana has confirmed the release of the priest who was on August 3, 2023 abducted in Minna Province in Nigeria alongside another Priest Paul Sanogo from Burkina Faso.

The Major Seminarian who was sent to Nigeria for studies by the Africa Missionary Society comes from Kabanga Parish in Kigoma Region.

The parish is yet to comment on the release of the priest.

However, it is not clear whether the kidnappers’ demand of the $70,000 was paid for the release of the clergyman.

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