The number of first-class graduates from private universities is worrisome; they should be investigated – ASUU

The ASUU president has bemoaned the proliferation of first class degrees by some private universities in Nigeria, while questioning the certificates they award to graduates from such institutions.
He urged the regulatory bodies to beam their searchlights on such private universities to ensure that the certificates they issue to their students are genuine and credible.
“It is happening everywhere and we believe that the regulatory bodies will check it. “In Nigeria today, we have universities where up to 10 – 15 percent of the students are getting first class. Does that happen anywhere? Where will 10 – 15 percent of students get 90 percent because to get a first class you have to score up to 90 percent, 4.5 CGPA.
And the regulatory body is doing nothing about it. It is not investigating it. “Even in UI, one percent cannot get first class but if you go to many of these universities we are creating, you will see 20 percent of students getting first class. It means something is going on.
The NUC should investigate this. When you see things that are not regular you investigate.
That is the function of the regulatory body and 20 percent getting first class means something is wrong.
“These are the things that are ridiculing Nigeria all over the world. “Nigeria should ensure that anybody with a degree is a real degree. People should be rewarded for excellence.

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