Rising Insecurity: Governors Have Turned Security Votes To Pocket Money – Ngige

Former Anambra State Governor and ex-Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, has launched a scathing attack on state governors, blaming their misuse of security funds for the continued insecurity situation across Nigeria.
Speaking on the sidelines of the Ojoto Ofala Festival in Anambra on Wednesday, Ngige levelled accusations that governors “erroneously believe security votes are pocket money for them,” and divert them from their intended purpose, thus contributing to the current security crisis.
“Security votes are meant to be spent by state governors to stabilize security in their different states,” Ngige emphasized, dispelling the notion that such funds are personal slush funds.
“They are not pocket money, but some governors have converted them to personal money,” he declared, drawing a direct link between misappropriation and the deteriorating security situation.
“Security is like information, publicity, when you are spending money on publicity, you won’t see it, it is not tangible, but you will see the effect. If you put stability in your security, you will see prosperity following it, because there will be economic activities.
“Insecurity has made economic activities to be destabilised in the South-East zone in the past 18 months, coupled with the sit-at-home; and all these activities by non-state actors who hide under the camouflage of Nnamdi Kanu to perpetrate criminality.”

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