Lissam 1 Ward Residents Thank Governor Kefas for Job Creation

Lissam 1 Ward Residents Thank Governor Kefas for Job Creation

Lissam 1 ward in Ussa Local Government Area of Taraba State is abuzz with excitement today as residents celebrate the recent job creation initiative by Governor Dantala Agbu Kefas.

The initiative, which provides employment for 100 residents of the ward, has been met with widespread praise from residents, who say it will help to improve their lives and boost the local economy.

“I am very grateful to Governor Kefas for this opportunity,” said one of the beneficiaries, Mr. John Adamu. “I was previously unemployed, but now I have a job that will help me to support my family.”

Another beneficiary, Mrs. Mary Audu, said the job creation initiative was a “welcome relief” for many residents who were struggling to make ends meet.

“This is a great opportunity for us,” she said. “It will help us to improve our lives and provide for our families.”

The job creation initiative is part of Governor Kefas’s commitment to creating jobs and improving the lives of the people of Taraba State. The governor has said that he is committed to providing opportunities for all Tarbans, regardless of their background or circumstances.

The residents of Lissam 1 ward are hopeful that the job creation initiative will be a success and that it will lead to more opportunities for the people of the ward. They are grateful to Governor Kefas for his commitment to their welfare.

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