Is Technology A problem to humanity? An Article by Herbert Naphtali Bello. A motivational Writer and Graphic Designer.

Technology being a Means towards easing the hectic activity of Man is aimed at reducing workload to human beings as well creating more grounds to Solving day today Activities of Man. But today, the Impact of These, is used in reversed order  as it's  causing more harm to the said Human being that is supposed to ease his workload.
To go Deeper into the Context let's First of all look at the Definition of Technology:-
Wikipedia: defined Technology as the application of scientific knowledge for practical Purposes, especially in industry. 
 And also as a Machinary and equipment developed as a result of the application of scientific knowledge.
Let's go with the second definition. The aim is to ease spending much Capitals as well as save energy for human relief and efficiency. The Rationale behind the Inception is good and meaningful. Not until more advancements are made in the Field, the whole achievements is almost becoming a damage to Human Existence and productivity. 
What are the Negative Damages!
* Let's look at it in the following Field:-
– Education, Health, Human Socialisation, Psychology and lastly the Economy.
* Education:- 
The Advancement of Technology in the field of Education ease access to knowledge where needed materials for research are found and traced within the twinkling of an Eye but the whole system came with lotta set back. Knowledge that is entirely supposed to be Guided by plans, Schemes and Curriculum, So as to cover stages and steps before the attainment of  such  knowledge is disrupted and the aim  to get you readily groomed to absorb and utilize those knowledges, is so far forfeited.  The students are exposed to rational knowledge where both Cumulative and Mental Age Capacity is not ready and Stable to carry. It becomes more dangerous to them. 

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