I Won’t Lie To Nigerians About Tinubu’s Policies- Minister of Information

Mohammed Idris, newly sworn in minister of information and national orientation, has vowed not to tell Nigerians lies about President Bola Tinubu’s policies.

“We will be truthful about government policies,” Mr Idris said, “assuring Nigerians that he would disseminate the truth about government policies and programmes.”

Mr Idris disclosed this at an event organised to welcome him at the National Press Centre, Abuja, according to a statement by spokesman for the information ministry, Haruna Suliemna, on Tuesday.

The minister stated that the “ministry will be open, transparent, and accountable in its public dealings, warning against fake news.

“We will always respond to your inquiries, but please do not share fake news,” Mr Idris said.

If kept, Mr Idris’ promise to be transparent and always tell Nigerians the truth about Mr Tinubu’s policies and programmes will be a departure from the old order. 

Between 2015 and 2023, Nigerians witnessed the spread of half-truths and blatant misinformation by ex-information minister Lai Mohammed and other presidential spokesmen for then-President Muhammadu Buhari. The information ministry was used as a propaganda channel to hoodwink the public.


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