Putin warns USA, NATO, France and their African allies over Niger

Russia president, Vladmir Putin has warned the pro-western coalition of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West AFRICAN States) and the USA to perish the thought of any military intervention in Niger Republic, saying the war is planned to expand beyond Niger and set the entire region on fire. He warned that only peaceful settlement through diplomatic means is to be pursued and that anything to the contrary will have great consequences.
He issued this warning during a phone call with the president of Mali, Asimi Goita.
Earlier today, shortly after the calls, Mali & Burkina Faso leaderships sent a strong warning to NATO from the Nigerien capital, Niamey, telling NATO not to dare try repeating in Niger what it did in Libya, as there would be far weightier consequences that they can imagine. In a press release they said, “We will not accept the recurrence of NATO adventure in Libya in our region. Period!”
At the same time, Wagner PMC fighters are reported to have almost completely marked every nook and cranny of the Nigerien capital, Niamey in combat readiness. Hundreds of extra Wagner volunteers are reported to have arrived Niger in the last 24 hours, boosting their troop levels in the country, as the waiting game begins.

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